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As part of a laboratory program, your child will have the opportunity to conduct an experiment with his/her own DNA. DNA samples will be collected from cheek cells that normally exist in saliva. Students will simply swish the mouth with a saline solution and spit the sample into a cup. The DNA samples that are extracted from these cells will be amplified and examined for specific DNA markers, which may vary from person to person. Please be assured the DNA markers we will examine play no role in an individualís health nor do they have any relationship to physical traits or characteristics. These markers are chosen because they are found in the non-coding portion of the human genome. Student samples will be discarded after completing the experiment.

There is a consensus that human DNA samples should not be obtained without the willing consent of the donor, who understands the purpose for which it is being collected. Thus, these experiments will be explained clearly beforehand, and students will be given the option to refrain from participating.

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